I see life as an adventurous journey with Christ that offers many epiphanies along the way. Along this journey so far I have discovered that it is indeed most rewarding to give myself generously and lovingly in service of others, while at the same time holding fast to doing whatever is necessary to grow in the very love I hope to give others. That requires a kind of “mining” for the most valuable lessons and opportunities which at times are found in the most unexpected circumstances. It also means chiseling away the worthless “sediment” of my own weaknesses and failures. I strongly identify with those who seek the “better part” or the deeper meaning of things. Among life’s experiences I recognize the truly valuable lessons, inspirations and opportunities in so far as they reflect the goodness, beauty and truth of our precious Savior – Jesus.

Those experiences seem like glorious gems found in a meadow which offer brilliance, and color, along with tangible value here, now, and forever. The facts that I was born in New York and now live in California- are like the bookends of my life so far. The many other places I have lived in the U. S. A. and the rich encounters with so many different people seem to stand like small but rich volumes in between. Teaching, praying, youth ministry and evangelization have offered such wonder and great fulfillment in my life and continue to do so. Painting, enjoying nature, playing piano and writing are my favorite luxuries. Laughter, good company, and ample quiet time are necessities. I look forward to the rest of my life’s journey as I pray also for yours.!

Juliana Gerace