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Gem Babies Odyssey is my first novel. It is truly an honor and a joy that you are 
interested in it, and I hope that it will touch your heart with some healing, or restoration, or even just a glimpse of life, throbbing with splendid wonders, and life’s lessons - even at the most trying times. “The angels keep their ancient places; turn but a stone and start a wing. Tis ye, tis your estranged faces that miss the many splendored things.” (Francis Thompsons’ poem Kingdom of Heaven.)


It’s a love story, a tragedy, and a journey of discovery in the life of one very talented
woman. Just as young artist Mariel Turner is enjoying the height of notoriety for her stunning paintings on behalf of Invisible Crimes Centers, the dark shadows of danger and destruction threaten everything. While her paintings have awakened the public to the horrible crimes of human trafficking, a vicious crime ring seeks its revenge. Thrust into the conflict between light and darkness, hope and despair, Mariel must confront the meaning of life – both here and hereafter – as she discovers the face of selfless love. Where/when have you encountered the face of selfless love? If you feel that you have not, do you long to believe it is possible? Where will you seek it?

A little bit more about the book:

It was written during a time of grief and loss – which, for me, was simultaneously filled with profound life lessons and amazing flourishes of grace, giving me the perspective that  pain had brought me to the very threshold I needed to cross, in order to receive deeper understanding. That’s just me, but there are so many people who have endured far worse, and this book is meant to comfort and strengthen them. Perhaps it may even prod them so that they do not miss the “splendored things” that are waiting, near.

 “Hang in there as you first hear about the “gem babies” and the way they make themselves known. This is not fantasy or science-fiction; it is about paying attention to our dreams, our loves, our friends, and our pain to open paths for hope.”  Sr. Margaret Kerry, FSP.   (Author, blogger and presenter).